Saturday, August 4, 2018

General Insurance

General Insurance

General Insurance is also called non-life insurance policies; It includes automobile and householder policies. It provides payment depending on loss from specific financial assurance. Any insurance which is not life insurance is typically called General Insurance. United State & Canada it is called property insurance while in Europe it is called non-life insurance.
In England Insurance is divided in three classes, ie. Personal lines, Commercial lines, & London market.

Commercial line products are generally design for small legal organizations. It includes employee recompense, product liability, people liability, commercial fleet, & other insurance products that are sold to different organizations. These kinds of insurance companies give comprehensive packages to hotels, shops, restaurants etc.

Personal line insurance includes autos, cars, houses, pet etc.
London market make insurance of large number of markets, Players of cricket & football or Hockey, These insurance are only available for London.

There are several Types of General Insurance; It includes Home insurance, Motor Insurance, Commercial insurance, Health insurance, Travel Insurance, etc.

Big market for General Insurance or non-life insurance is United States of America USA, After USA European Countries are second largest non life insurance countries.