Saturday, February 4, 2017

Benifits of apples

God has given lot of things for our good health. We cant count these unlimited blessing of God. Simple is that we have to thankful to our great God all time. In this article i want to explain some advantages of Olive.
Benefits of Apples:

Apple is efficient as a food
Apple is good & nutrtive food. One apple in a day make u healthy. So must eat one apple a day.
Reduce weight
It is loose weight , so it is good for fat peoples.
Good for heart
Heart is main part of any perosn. So if you want to make your heart healthy then must eat apple. Specially heart patients must eat it.
Protect from diabetes & Cancer & asthma
Apple is very usefull for different diseases as stated above. 
Make bones strings
It make bones strongs & healthy.
Good for brain
It make brain fast & healthy.
Make teeth strong & healthy
It is good for teeth & make it strong..

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