Friday, February 3, 2017

Benefits of Olive

God has given lot of things for our good health. We cant count these unlimited blessing of God. Simple is that we have to thankful to our great God all time. In this article i want to explain some advantages of Olive.
Benefits of Olive:

1. Loose weight
It is good for fat people for loosing their weight.
2. Helpful in different diseases
It is helpful in different disease like cancer, breast cancer, ulcer, anemia.
3.  Best source of iron
It provide iron to body & make stronger & healthy.
4.  Improve vision in night
It is good for your eyes & specially in night vision.
5. Good for digestive diseases
6. Good for heart
7 It control blood pressure
8. It reduce cholesterol in blood
9. It provide vitamin E to body.
10. It is rich in minerals.

These are some great benefits of Olive. 

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