Saturday, February 4, 2017

Benifits of apples

God has given lot of things for our good health. We cant count these unlimited blessing of God. Simple is that we have to thankful to our great God all time. In this article i want to explain some advantages of Olive.
Benefits of Apples:

Apple is efficient as a food
Apple is good & nutrtive food. One apple in a day make u healthy. So must eat one apple a day.
Reduce weight
It is loose weight , so it is good for fat peoples.
Good for heart
Heart is main part of any perosn. So if you want to make your heart healthy then must eat apple. Specially heart patients must eat it.
Protect from diabetes & Cancer & asthma
Apple is very usefull for different diseases as stated above. 
Make bones strings
It make bones strongs & healthy.
Good for brain
It make brain fast & healthy.
Make teeth strong & healthy
It is good for teeth & make it strong..

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Friday, February 3, 2017

Benefits of Olive

God has given lot of things for our good health. We cant count these unlimited blessing of God. Simple is that we have to thankful to our great God all time. In this article i want to explain some advantages of Olive.
Benefits of Olive:

1. Loose weight
It is good for fat people for loosing their weight.
2. Helpful in different diseases
It is helpful in different disease like cancer, breast cancer, ulcer, anemia.
3.  Best source of iron
It provide iron to body & make stronger & healthy.
4.  Improve vision in night
It is good for your eyes & specially in night vision.
5. Good for digestive diseases
6. Good for heart
7 It control blood pressure
8. It reduce cholesterol in blood
9. It provide vitamin E to body.
10. It is rich in minerals.

These are some great benefits of Olive. 

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Muslims leaders are sleeping???

Few month ago US elections are held & Donald Trump unexpectedly become President of United State of America. It was very shocking news for all the world specially for Muslims. As in campaign of election Trump expressed his hate against Muslims. Now after his oath he has banned few Muslims country including Iran, Iraq,Syria, Libya with his executive order. 
But even a single Muslim country including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Turkey have not taken any stands against this poor measurement of Trump. This show that all Muslims kings & leader are sleeping & they have not shown any concerned about it. This was really alarming for Muslim countries as they are not united for hounded of Muslims. Now see this tragedy that Muslim country has developed a 39 nation armed force.  But in spited of that USA president has claimed restriction against 7 Islamic countries. These Islamic countries never say a single word against this poor measure of Trump.

Now question is that why Islamic countries are not taking stand against these measure. ??

On the other side Attorney general of 16 states of USA has denied to accept Trump measures. Two USA courts has ordered against these Trump executive orders. In few airports of world peoples has welcome Muslims & raised hand in fever of Muslims. This protest is not in USA but in other European peoples are also protesting against Trump. British peoples are also protesting against trump upcoming visit to England.

All the world is protesting against US president executive order but Muslim countries are just watching it. 

Difference between sales & marketing

Difference between sales & marketing

Most of people think that Sales & Marketing are same thing. But when we work on it & research on this terms than we observed that these are different things.


When any company make any product or service then it want to sell it in market. So when we do a job to sale product which we have then it is called sale.
Any stuff which produce in any factory, then it is need to sale it in market. As this product is produce for generate revenue otherwise what is its purpose for any business.
So now you can easily understand what is sales??
Every company has different product, now job is to sales these product in market. From this a customer relation build in market. Company focused on their daily, monthly, quarterly sales.


Marketing is a process in which we can introduce your product or service to customer. We can understand with this simple example.
When a company launches a new product or stuff, then no body know about it. So this purpose company use different strategy to aware it to public.
For this purpose company use concept of 4ps of Marketing.
1. Product
2. Place
3. Price
4. Promotion

When company has to introduce or make a new stuff then it research on it. It work on it that what kind of product should be produce, is this product demand in market so on.
Then what should its price in market which in reach of peoples
Then it is time to know where this product will be launch.
And in lost what kind of promotion source should be use for its promotion.