Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Few & easy Tips to become a Healthy Person

Every human in world wants to become healthy, because health is great gift of GOD. For this purpose every person try their best to remain healthy. But in this fast & worried life, it is not easy to become healthy & strong.
As we know that people are suffering different kinds of problems. Almost 95% of human of world are not satisfy with their life. They are suffering different kinds of problem which don't make them happy & healthy.
But here we discussed some important things which every person easily do for healthy life.

For this purpose they have to do it on regular basis.

Firstly every person have to sleep 7-9 hours daily.
Good sleep is great gift of God. It make a person easy & healthy. After a good sleep a person feel relax & smart.
Secondly every person must have to eat balanced diet which contain carbohydrate, vitamin, calcium etc. These days diet is not pure, every diet is full of adulteration. So every person should take a balanced & pure diet.
Thirdly Must drink 8 glass of water on daily life.
Water is great gift of God. It is not easy to remain live without water. But if a person take 8 to 10 glass a day, it makes them healthy & strong.
Fourthly must visit a doctor specially eye doctor. If your eyes are week then must use glasses or contact lenses.
Also visit any medical specialist for other normal checkup like blood pressure, cholesterol, blood test etc.

These are very important things for healthy life. Otherwise it is difficult to become a healthy.

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