Tuesday, November 15, 2016

What Is Nutrition- Good & Bad Nutrition

Nutrition ?

In common words we can say Nutrition is "healthy food". A food which can prevent a person from different diseases & make him healthy. In this way we can determine how much what kind of food required for a good health. In technical way we can say it is a process of eating , absorbing & then using nutrients. 
In simple way we can defined as it is process of using food for energy, growth & maintenance.

Classes of nutrients:

There are six major component of nutrients.
1- Carbohydrates 2- Fats 3- Minerals 4- Protein 5- Vitamin & 6- Water.
Every person should use healthy nutrients so that they become healthy, other wise it will effect there health. Poor nourishment may cause injurious diseases like beriberi, malnutrition & scury etc.

Good Nutrition is diet which include vitamin, protein etc. So every person must include these healthy nutrients in their routine life. Children life is very important as they are growing so they need vitamin, proteins etc.
Good nutrients include milk, fruit, wheat, brown rice, soya beans , fish etc.

Bad Nutrition may cause different diseases like malnutrition. It includes Chips, fried things, butter, etc.

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