Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What is Nutrients & organism??

Nutrients is a component in  food from which an organism survive and grow. First we have to clear about An organism. I can give examples of different organism so that you can understand it easily.
Organism examples are human, dog, cat, fish, lions, plants etc.
It means organism is a living being or system those are contiguous. Now i think you would be able to understand organism. Actually i try that my reader easily understand every thing.
Now come to point, Nutrients is very important for any organism. Any organism can't survive without any nutrients..
Macro-nutrients provide bulk energy to an organism metabolic system.
Micro-nutrients provide necessary energy to organism metabolism.
It is main difference between them.

Metabolism is collection of chemical reaction which take place in body or any organism.
For example when any person eat a spoonful sugar then metabolic reaction is take place.
From this energy generated which is used a person for different works. It keeps the body worm & person should do extra work.
In pictures below i have given essentials nutrients , these are very important.
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