Thursday, November 17, 2016

Healthy Nutrition for women

As discussed in earlier article Nutrients is a component in  food from which an organism survive and grow. In common words it is healthy food, a food which make a person strong & prevent from different diseases. So here we discussed healthy nutrition for a female or women.
Healthy food can give you energy , & energy make a person strong & good looking.
It will help a women in pregnancy, boost ability to conceive, do battle with stress, make pregnancy easier. It is also helpful in menopause of women. In any age of women if there diet is healthy then her life become enjoyble & feel fresh.

Tips for control hunger/thirst  and enhance energy

  1. We have to Eat breakfast regularly as it increase our energy.
  2.  We have to Eat regularly means lunch, dinner at there right time.
  3. Grown women should enhance energy with standard protein. It must take 0.8G protein per day .
  4.  Don't eat healthy fats to control hunger, it is not good for this age.

Every women must avoid following thing in their routine life.

  • You must  make less the sugar in your diet 
  • You must Check labels before using any medicine or fast food
  • You must stay away from soda, energy, and coffee drinks

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